Contributing to this documentation#

This documentation is open source. Rubin Observatory welcomes contributions that make this documentation more useful and accurate.

Keep in mind that everyone participating in this project is expected to follow the Rubin Observatory LSST Data Management Team Culture and Conduct Standards.

Raising an issue#

If you spot an issue with the documentation, the best thing to do is raise a GitHub issue in the repo. Include any relevant URLs with your issue description.

If you need help with the Rubin Science Platform itself, reach out on one of the support channels. See Getting help.

Creating a pull request#

You can contribute directly to the lsst/rsp_lsst_io repo by creating a pull request. If you’re intending to make a substantial change, it’s a good idea to create a GitHub issue first with your proposal. Rubin Observatory can’t accept contributions that don’t fit with our strategy and roadmap.

See the following guides to learn how to write and build the docs.