Rubin Science Platform Guides#

Learn how to use the Rubin Science Platform for exploring LSST data.

Getting started#

Getting started

If you’re new to the Rubin Science Platform, get your account and learn the basics with these step-by-step guides.

Accounts & authentication#


Learn how to set up and use tokens to access the Rubin Science Platform and its services.


The Rubin Science Platform is a collection of inter-connected aspects that enable you to discover and analyze data.


The Portal Aspect is a powerful graphical interface in your web browser for querying and visualizing Rubin catalogs and images.


The Notebook Aspect enables you to run Jupyter Notebooks and scripts to analyze Rubin data with your own code.


The API Aspect connects you to Rubin data, from within the Rubin Science Platform and beyond. It is based on IVOA Virtual Observatory standards.